Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Since this is the first holiday season for my guide, I decided I would give a gift that all can enjoy and if I play it right, I can get more hits from this. I was originally just going to give this generic gift to everyone

but I remembered that there are other religions celebrating at the same time and I don't want to get sued....

and can't forget the readers who are allergic to animals and complain about it...

and for the akward family member who likes anthromorphic art and is a bit of a perv...

Just copy the picture and save it forever in your picture folder. If you forgot to pick up a gift for that creepy techie at work who gave everyone a gift 2 months ago, then you can photoshop your name over mine.

Once again, happy holidays from me, Puuda Maggui.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Puuda's First YTMND!

Yes, it is true! After several months of not really doing anything on YTMND, except ROFLMFAO at most of the current loops, I have finally made my first one, and it's a pile of steaming CRAP! Check it out herehttp://insidejokessuck.ytmnd.com/

It's based off one of my original posts, which I think needed more publicity. I also recommend this loop here: http://lukecompany.ytmnd.com

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Puuda Maggui is currently revising his work and updating his site for Blogger Beta so it will look kick @zz. He will finish it the day after Thanksgiving.

message from Puuda referring himself in the third-person.

Puuda Maggui
Puuda Maggui's Guide to Everything

UPDATE: It will take a little bit longer since I am trying to figure hopw to add my own label at the top. In the mean time, people can add my banner to their blogs, sites, and Myspaces. It is located at the bottom. Thanks for Rybitski for helping me out with that. http://rybitski.googlepages.com/home : buy his stuff!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Guide to Online Dissing

Here are just a few names you can call someone when you got on a forum or MMO. Some of them are best said aloud, such as on teamspeak or Xbox Live. Yet, others work best typed out. That way, it makes people think about what you wrote twice. Anyways, if you are tired of using the word "noob" or @ssh013, try these out. Just make sure you give credit where it's due when people ask about them. I will continously add more to this, just tell me some.

-Nub (still under-used)
-Nooblet (Young noobs)
- Noob Cake
-Noob sauce
-Noobasaurus Rex (Yes, i call people that sometimes)
-Nub Cake
-Nub Sauce
- Noobaroo
-Pwnanza (a great source of pwnage, aka the Carrot Top roast)
What to say when someone gets "owned"and want to be a little more clever:

-LOL, you just got Al Cap0wned!
-Man, this is a great party, or should I say PWNANZA!


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Explaination of Time Travel

Time- system of distinguishing events
Travel- go on journey

Time+Travel= Going on a journey through a system of distinguishing events. In simpler times, reversing/forwarding events to mess around with it and have fun.

When people think about time travel, most often they are wondering what it would be like back in a certain time period. The second most often thing that people think about, when they wish they could travel time is when they wish they could sleep with someone who has been dead in their time, such as Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, Cleopatra, a caveman/woman. The third most wished use for it is to undo stupidity, such as stocking up food supplies and building a bomb shelter in 1999.

How is Time Travel accomlished?

There are three main ways to travel through time and what happens when you do. Two of them use "Time Machines", and the other one is just plain stupid.

Time Machine- A mechanical device used to go on a journey through a system of distinguishing events.

The Three Main Types:

"Back To the Future" Technic

This form of time travel is the most basic way. You use your time traveling device, or vehicle, and head back to the future, or past. Yet, traveling through this way has a hidden fee attached. You have to be careful to not screw up time itself. You are not allowed to bring something back, leave something there, or even make love to your, then sexy, relatives.

So if you fall under any of these groups listed below, you are not recommended using this form:

-Antique Dealers
-Crazy People
-People of whorish tendencies
-People who take too many pictures on vacation
-People who have not seen the Back to the Future Trilogy in general

People who disobey the rules may cause utter (lol, utter) chaos and havoc, or wipe out an entire unknown-length set of history.

The "Bill and Ted" Technic

The B&T technic, out of the main three, is probably the most useful and least hazardous. You can jump into your disguised time machine and travel throughtout time and cause little or no time altering whoopsies (unless you kill someone and don't go back to stop yourself/or kill yourself in the process...). It is also handy for daily life too. One example would be, you wake up next to a hot chick and can't remember her name, so you say to yourself, "Hmm, I could just go back in time and leave a note under my pillow with her name on it!" Then you can just skip the whole trip yourself and look underneath the pillow.

Presto! The note with the name, Veronica in this case, is on it! This is explained easily, due to the fact that you were going to do it, but in the future, you already got up and did and left it under your pillow before you woke up. This way you just got out of another situation in life, easy. Except for the first you in the endless cycle of dimensions, because you know one of yourselves had to get walked out on by Veronica.

The "Butterfly Effect" Technic

The third technic is the stupid one I was explaining. You use your mind to travel through your own personal history and alter it. You really have anything cool to show off to your friends, because it's all inside your head. So you really don't need the power to do it, because you could be insane and say you just changed a moment in your life as you waste away your life in a insane asylum.


Monday, September 25, 2006

Exclusive Inside Look on Halo 3 with Puuda Maggui

With excitement of Halo 3 in development, many people are already wondering what will seperate the third installment from the other two. Hopefully it will be more than naming it Halo: Trinity, which has become a recent fad for second sequels in a series. So after many hours of researching this topic, I have made a list of what to expect in Halo 3.

1. Better graphics
2. Better multiplayer
3. Plot ending and/or twist to keep it open for when Bungie decides to go back
4. Even more customizations
5. Playable Flood

(Yes, those did take me hours to research)

Yet, probably the most defining change in Halo 3 will be
6. Tri-wielding

After all, what made Halo 2 such a big improvement? Sure the pretty graphics were nice, but what people really wanted was more death and destruction. With the possibility of three weapons at a time equals more fun. Sure they will have to add that into the plot somehow, such as a Flood bit Master Chief so he grew another limb...but hey, who wouldn't want another arm?

7. Master Chief will finally take off his helmet...so we can see his face! Then people will be crushed that Master Chief is actually another butchy woman like Samus.

Wow, what would cheap people do without MS Paint? Anyways, an official source, my 12-year old Halo crazy cousin, is that Halo 3 comes out next summer, so stick with Halo 2 until then. I've beaten it 14 times now.

Additional facts: If you didn't get the joke in my Femmy Master Chief picture, then you are not a true fan of Halo.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Guns N' Roses: The Greatest Cover Band of All Time!

With word of my site currently the one of the most viewed pages online about mypace music contests, I will now talk about the greatest cover band in the WORLD. Yes, I am talking about the one and only, Guns N' Roses! Since 1985, GNR has made some of the best covers of songs to date. What makes their covers so popular is their own unique metal twist to the songs and Axl Rose's singing.

Some of the famous artists they have covered are AC/DC, Bob Dylan,Paul McCartney, and The Rolling Stones. Yet, GNR sometimes actually wrote their own music! It was a rare thing to happen, so whenever they did come up with their own songs and whether or not they were up to standards of that year, they still made it up in the top singles. Just look at their Greatest Hits album; just filled with covers:

Knocking' on Heaven's Door- COVER
Live and Let Die- COVER
Ain't It Fun- COVER
Since I Don't Have You- COVER
Sympathy for the Devil- original...oops I mean COVER
Don't Cry- an actual orginal but GNR COVERED it themselves in Use Your Illusions II after

being originally done in UYI: I that same year.

6 out of 14 songs were covers

I mean, if a band that can somehow get that kind of world status from singing someone else's songs, you automatically deserve greatest cover band in the world. Even if they aren't famous for originallity. Also, when people talk about them, they only need to consider three famous original songs: Welcome to the Jungle, Sweet Child of Mine, Paradise City. Unlike AC/DC and Led Zeppelin, who have way too many famous songs to count, three is an easy number to remember instead of an entire collection.

So if you ever get tired of listening to a somewhat famous song by the original artists, check out a Guns N' Roses album, most likely you will find it. Without further stalling of time, I award Guns N' Roses this trophy:

P.S- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1ksysABDSE

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Puuda Maggui's Myspace Music WInners: Part 2

The Johns
Starting off the second half of the two part series, The Johns, come in 2nd place. Usually when I hear the term "Indie Rock", I think of crap, but The Johns have shown me that there is still some serious hope in the genre. Coming from the Big Apple where bands come at a dime a dozen, The Johns stick out with their unique vocals, and catchy lyrics. If this isn't enough to get you to check them out, if you do go to their Myspace, there will be a hot chick that will jump out of their Myspace.

Hall's Guide Service

Finally, coming in 1st place is Hall's Guide Service (HGS), the greatest funk rock band on Myspace! With their, more than usual, complicated bass lines and sweet and unsucky/nonscreaming lyrics made them my first choice to start. The other reason why they stuck out to me is their age compared to the other bands in the contest, which their age ranges from 16-18. Their lead singer/guitarist, Jake, and their drummer, Andy, both just start college this year.

Jake and James also have their own solo work on Myspace as well, and I've also hear word that their Bassist, Luke may record some solo work as well. So when you add up their age, their level of complicated music, their love of music and their unsucky songs, it shows that each member of the band individually can go somewhere with their musical abilites. Besides, they live in Bemidji, Minnesota; Puuda Maggui's largest location of avid readers (yet for some reason number two is Petaling Jaya, Malaysia).

This also leads me to give the state with the best Myspace bands award to Minnesota, who gave me BRP and HGS. To find The Johns' and HGS' Myspace, check out my Myspace in my top 5.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Puuda Maggui's Myspace Music Winners: Part 1

The Bob Ross Project
Coming up in 5th place of the least suckiest bands on Myspace is "The Bob Ross Project". The name of this band will make you click on the slow loading link, but their groovy jazz-funk hybrid music will make you stay and listen to their songs. If they had so few friends, I'd say they were a professional band.

Andrew Gordon

In 4th place is the D.J. Andrew Gordon and his soothing techno/electronica. This is great work, and many fans of this kind of music will enjoy this after listening to too much "Sandstorm" and being rejected by numerous potential dates as they danced to it. http://www.myspace.com/andrewgordon

The Bonesmen

For 3rd place is "The Bonesmen". The original Lynyrd Skynyrd may be gone, but with a few more songs recorded, The Bonesmen could be on their way to being the next big thing in southern rock. They also have a kick-ass logo as well which helps as well. Yet, since this contest is only about the music, they would still have gotten 3rd place with a picture of a bull being milked. http://www.myspace.com/thebonesmenband

NOTE: Due to my tight schedule, I will be out of town tomorrow and will not be able to post the second half until tuesday. I may also add onto the current three, but as of now my current words are enough to hopefully make you want to check them out. I was originally going to have 3 bands/artists, but found out I couldn't leave out a couple since they are all really don't suck. Also sorry to those of you other not-so sucky bands who I didn't add due to the fact I wanted bands with less than 20k friends.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

How To Tell If You Spend too Much Time Online...


What happened to painting and using clay?

P.S. This crappy art doesn't even transfer well...

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Puuda's Great Myspace Music Contest



Recently, I have found out that not all bands on MySpace suck. I also found out some of them could also use more publicity. So, since I am such a great and generous person, I will give 5(originally 3)artists/bands,that I think is worthy, a short explanation on my site explaining why they don't suck.
-I will do some searching by myself, but if anyone has a band, tell me or add me

-NO! I will not use a famous MySpace artist/band, only the lesser known artists

-No begging or bribing aloud! I don't want what you have...

-Do not speak of guidelines

-There are no guidelines...oops overdone joke. OK, the last two don't count, and pretty much if you don't suck within 17 seconds into one of your songs, you will be given a careful ear.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Puuda Maggui: Amateur Ghost Capturer?

Interesting picture I took on the family farm a week ago. When I walked into the old hog house, I thought I sensed a presence, then thought it must have been my allergies of hard work and farmy-like matter. Yet, when this picture got developed, two seconds after I took it on my new digital camera, I saw what looked like a bald guy peeking out. I didn't see him when I took it, or in the picture I took the split second before, so that makes it a genuine ghost shot. Yet, it also could be one of the antique dealers snooping around for left-over goods...we shall never know......OoooOoooOoOooh......boo.


Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Puuda Maggui's OFFICIAL MySpace!

Yea, I have finally decided to conform with the rest of the world and get a dreaded MySpace account. So if you have one and would like to add me as your friend, that would be totally o.k., sorta. My goal is by the end of this month to have more than that mysterious Force that drives MySpace and its inhabitants....TOM!!! So if you are a reader and added me, leave me a comment, because I am getting a lot more hits than I expected and want to see who reads this.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

First Hatemail

Due to the fact that it will be a few more days until I have free time to write my next piece, I will humor those who emailed me wanting me to write another angry article. This was my first hatemail that I got. Like my worst fear at the time, it was from a Furry about what I thought was pretty informative. I originally was going to be very forward about how I feel about Furries, but the night before I began writing, I had a nightmare that I was being chased by a guy in a fox costume.


So, I decided to be kinder and still show how I felt nicely. Yet, it didn't stop one person from sending me my..... FIRST HATEMAIL!

Dear Mr. "Maggui"

Recently I found your blog and found it intriguing and read several entries. Yet, today I read your newest entry about Furries and found it very negative. Being an active member of the Furry Fandom world, I would like to state that, for the whole community, we are upset with your stance on what we love. Even though it may seem that I am trying to persuade you to change yours, I'm not. I am just trying to change people's warped view of Furry Fandom.

So, until you have decided that giving your fans false information is wrong, I and all my Furry friends will not be visiting your site.

-Mary W.

Although she took the time to send me an email, I couldn't go through with replying. Furries truely scare me. But I will add, for Mary's information, that in my later articles my fandom for Star Wars is obvious. I also am also in the war against Trekkies (We will win too) who I am almost as less flattered with. My purpose of my "Furry" article was not to make fun of them (I really don't need to, they do themselves), only inform people what a "Furry" was.

P.S. I will gladly reply to any and all non-Furry hate/fan mail since my fan base is still pretty small.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

How to Tell If Your Movie Sucks

So you and your friends went with your year-long idea and made your own kung-fu-comedy-horror? Yet, if guys are afraid that people will think it will suck (and it will)? Then when you hear your first complaint, bring up most the worst movie of all time, Robo Vampire.

Don't really want to go into much detail, but this movie is only watchable if you like shitty movies that make you laugh.

Bad Action-Horror Movie Checklist

-RoboCop rip-off
-Bad acting
-Long boring slow-motion chase through a tunnel
-Hopping vampires
-Terrible male stunt-double for a female actress
-The worst fictional piece of technology ever

Saw this movie awhile back and thought it was a good movie. It made me feel better about my movie directing/producing/script writing/acting skills. To find out more about this movie try going to http://www.encyclopedia-obscura.com/moviesrobovampire.html. This guy did a good job figuring out the plot then I did when I watched it.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Definition of a Political Blog

A "Political Blog", in simplest terms, a blog about politics. Yet, there is a lot more to these blogs than one may think. After trying to find a worthy political blog to add to my links, I could not find one. So I will give my definition of a "Political Blog" to explain why I hate them.

When it comes to searching this blog genre, the lists are endless. Yet, what they all lack is variety and originality. When one is searching through these pages of so-called intelligent reading, they are usually looking for liberal sites, or they are looking for conservative sites. Yes, very basic knowledge to know the two sides.

Yet, one of the biggest things that makes me mad about these blogs that most are just liberal propaganda. These blogs are all the same due to the fact that all 50 posts are explaining how Bush is another Hitler and if you don't support their blog, you are a Nazi. This puzzles me due to the fact that they threaten you like Hitler himself did that. The other aspect of these blogs that is irritating is that 90% of them are written by college hippies who think they are smart because they are getting a degree in philosophy. A twenty-something is probably one of the last people I am going to go to for knowledge of what is "right" and "wrong".

I would much prefer someone who is at least in their 30s, but no older than 70 due to the fact that they are old and are from a couple "times" before the current era. Sure even though they are all repetitive and all the same, but that still doesn't stop people from reading them. People will read anything that fits their beliefs and ignore the rest. One kid is actually making money off a site that he made where people pay a monthly fee to bash Bush on it. Who the hell is going to go on their to disagree with them if they have to pay to do so?

Even though I could go on all day about the problems with the liberal blogs, I must go on with the other side so I will get equal amounts of hate mail from each side. My biggest problem with the conservative blogs, just like the liberal ones, is that they all speak of at least one of the three main subjects on all their blogs. These topics include abortion, gay marriage, and evolution. O.K., I agree on the whole abortion subject, "you have too much fun, you're getting a new son". Yet, even though most of America are Christians, that doesn't mean everyone is, or has the same form of Christianity.

Gay marriages don't HAVE to take place in a church, I know of many opposite-sex couples who just got married in a courtroom. Too bad if you are afraid of your kids seeing two men or two women holding hands, they see a lot worse on T.V. and on the internet. I'm personally mixed on the subject of gay marriage in church, but if they want to get married, they can and I won't get upset if they do in my church. Now, evolution is also a big problem I have with the conservative blogs. No one said evolution had anything to do with religion. Yet, if you do a search on of evolution or how fossils are made, you get sites that are explaining how man walked with dinosaurs sometime after Adam and Eve or the devil made fossils to mislead us.

So if you want to make a political blog and have it be original, here are a couple guidelines:
-NO ANTI-BUSH/KERRY/WHOEVER pictures! -Maybe make your opinion sound ambiguous
-Try to keep religion and the more "controversial" topics out -Use a lot of question marks

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Inauguration to One of the Greats

Many of you may be staring at the picture above saying,"What do these people have in common?" The answer is that Bon Scott, O.J. Simpson, Donald Rumsfeld, Courtney Love, Jimmy Smits, Franz Boas and Tai Shan, the giant panda born last summer in the National Zoo all were born on July 9th. As everyone knows, July 9th has had the most important people in the last millenium born on it. So I have decided to add another to-be great person, myself, to the Great Sky of July-Ninthians. Screw it, what I'm trying to say is that it is my birthday on the 9th and you should wish me one...

Little interesting fact some might like is that it took me 10 minutes to get the sky behind Rumsfeld to look decent.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Does Hogan Really"Know Best"?

Recently, I stayed up until almost dawn watching t.v. Half of that time was spent watching probably the best reality t.v show there is, "Hogan Knows Best". After about 3 1/2 episodes, I started to wonder, does Hogan really know what is best for us? So I have been dwelling on this.

To start this off, I would like to add that I know more about Hulk Hogan than I do on some other subjects, such as physics and astronomy. Besides the point that astronomy is as useful in the "real world" as knowledge of a pro-wrestler's personal life, it made me wonder more philosophically about pop culture. For example, did you know that instead of George Foreman making millions off the mini-grill with his name on it, it could of been Hogan? Yes, this could have been Hogan if he didn't have to take his kids to school that day and missed the phone call saying they wanted him for it. So instead, he got stuck with the Hulk Hogan Blender.

With that bit of pop culture trivia, I will now go back to the less interesting stuff. The information that won't help you on "Millionaire" or "Win Ben Stein's Money". That's right, the fact that more and more people are becoming book stupid. People need to read actual books; no not Harry Potter or Playboy(yes, I know you don't actually read them). Even supposed intelligent television is gone after the History Channel started airing 22 hour segments of U.F.O. "supposed" fact and Discovery stopped animal mating shows and put on shows about two guys proving the obviousness of people's stupidity with urban myths.

Some suggestions for intelligent reading would be: the Dictionary, Plato's The Republic, The Alphabet of Manliness, world history text books, science text books, The Zombie Survival Guide(it will happen sometime), and Puuda Maggui's Guide to Everything

(If you have an answer to my original question, let me know.)

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Abbrvs.R Gr8!

LOL! Y use comp. words when u can just rite abbrvs? I luv abbrvs cuz they make my life easier. Every1 should use them 4 the same reason. If ppl jus used abbrvs. we would have more time 2 watch t.v., or do sumthin else. OMG, ppl waste 2 much time riting stuf like GB, ttyl, etc. W/e, if ppl can't lern 2 b more time eff., than that is their prob.

Cya guys lata

Monday, June 26, 2006

Friday, June 23, 2006

Wearing a "Dark Side of the Moon" T-shirt Does NOT Make You Cool

Within the last 4 years or so, classic rock band shirts have come back into style. I think that is great, but not for true fans of these legenday bands. A majority of these shirts are worn by little middle-schooler wannabe conformists. Not to get off the subject, but just wanted to let everyone know I will try to never use the words conformist, conformists, or umm... any other word that has the the beginning word "conform" in it due to the fact that it has been overused by hypocriticsl (another blog to be written soon). Anyways, a classic t-shirt that has been killed by these wannabes, for example, would be Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon".

I have no problem with true fans wearing these t-shirts, but most people who I usually see wearing them don't even have a clue what most of Pink Floyd's songs are about. One of my friends tested this awhile ago by randomly walking up to one of these middle-schoolers and started a conversation with him. When my friend started asking him why he liked Dark Side of the Moon, the little poser got stumped. Only thing the kid could say was that he liked the song "Money" and he walked away.

I find it to be a type of abuse to wear a band's t-shirt just because you like one song out of their entire work. It would make sense if you were a Vanilla Ice fan, since he really only has one song. The likes of Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin fandom has been stretched so much that by saying that you like either one of them, you would get the same "duh" response as if you said you like food and air. Now, I agree that those two bands are some of the best songwriters in rock, ever. Yet, I do not wear their shirts all the time, or very often.

Some of you may ask "What bands do you like?" Well, personally I think AC/DC and Red Hot Chili Peppers are the two greatest hard rock bands of all time. Then again, for those people who know me, I don't wear their apparel very often. I could wear an AC/DC tee everyday, but I don't because so many other people do already. Yet, that isn't as bad though, because who doesn't like AC/DC?

So next time you see someone who is wearing a t-shirt/sweatshirt/hat of a classic rock band and they don't look like they actually care about the band, don't encourage them. Call him/her one of the most hurtful names for impressionable people like them; Tool, Conformist, or Poser. If he/she is a true fan, then those won't affect them.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Furries Are Among Us!

A friend first told me about furries a while ago. At first I thought he was joking, but he wasn't. As I researched "furries" more, I realized "Furry Fandom" was more mainstream than I thought, and it surprised me. So I decided to summarize " Furry" ways. The picture above can be found on Wikipedia under Furry Fandom.

DEFINITION: A "furry" is someone who likes to dress up as an animal or just has very strong fascination of animals that act, dress, and talk like humans.

APPEARANCES: A furry's appearance is vast and changing. A furry's most common appearance is that of feline and canine, but have been known to have the appearances of platyhelminthes and protists. The furry also has the ability to use camouflage to blend in to the surroundings of their birth(cities,town, etc.) as regular people.

HABITAT: The habitat of a furry is very similar to a Trekkie. They sometimes live in the home of their non-furry parents collecting/reading/watching everything that has talking animals. Where most people see furries is that of their secondary homes, the Convention Center. This is where the furry most often shows his/her true form.

LANGUAGE: Most furries understand the language of their countrymen, but also have their own language too. They usually speak "Furrienese" online. Here is a sample of an online chat.

xxMr.Whiskersxx-LOL MEOW! Going to MEOW expo MEOW tomorrow?

MyUtterLife360-MOOOOOONOOOO! Wish I could, MOO, but MOOOm needs me to help MOOOve some furniture..

So next time you see a guy running down the street in a monkey outfit, you will know what you just saw was a furry.....or a crazy guy, or a salesman with a gimmick. Either way, you know that you should just head back inside and call Animal Control and laugh about it with friends and family.

P.S.- Furries are NOT to be mistaken for their relatives "Furverts", who are more prone to be in the outfits for sexual reasons and may pose as a threat, unlike furries who are just like theme park animals(except they're aren't being payed) and can be safe to pet.

Friday, June 16, 2006

All Inside Jokes Suck, Except Mine...

One of the biggest problems I have with hanging out with friends in a different "group", in a lack of a better term, is when it comes to inside jokes. For those of you who don't have any friends, an inside joke is a joke that is only humorous to those involved, and leaves anyone else within sight and hearing distance with the temporary thought of "WTF?". Which explains why it is called an inside joke. This leads me to the realization that unlike my inside jokes, all others just plain suck.

An example of an inside joke would be this: You walk up to a friend and his friends to talk. Suddenly, without warning, one of them shouts "Potato!". This causes everyone to shriek with laughter and only leaves you confused and left out.

So, why exactly are the inside jokes I am involved in so much better than anyone else's? Plain and simple. Mine are actually funny and took deep thought to construct. An example of one of my inside jokes would be "Strawberry Milk". HAHA, Get it??? Well then, you have no sense of humor....

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Big Trucks=Overcompensation

This subject has been driving me nuts lately. Have you ever been out somewhere and seen the guy in the big truck who thinks to himself, "Wow, I am so awesome, because my truck is so huge and loud!", just as he accelerates his engine and speeds off so that everyone in that general area sees and hears him? Usually when I see these guys around, I think, "Wow, that truck is big, he must be compensating for his small size!" It is even more irritating when it is being driven my some guy who lives in the city and doesn't actually have a use for the back. It is called a pick-up truck for a good reason and you are wasting alot of fuel and space if you aren't hauling more than your ego!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

First Blog

Hi, I am Puuda Maggui. Some of you may know me as the weird guy that is always on Dr. Kuha's blog. Recently, I have decided to make my own blog during my free time. My "Guide" will be on anything that I think is relevant and/or needs to be known(very original I must admit). I should have my first official blog in the next couple of days.