Monday, June 26, 2006

Friday, June 23, 2006

Wearing a "Dark Side of the Moon" T-shirt Does NOT Make You Cool

Within the last 4 years or so, classic rock band shirts have come back into style. I think that is great, but not for true fans of these legenday bands. A majority of these shirts are worn by little middle-schooler wannabe conformists. Not to get off the subject, but just wanted to let everyone know I will try to never use the words conformist, conformists, or umm... any other word that has the the beginning word "conform" in it due to the fact that it has been overused by hypocriticsl (another blog to be written soon). Anyways, a classic t-shirt that has been killed by these wannabes, for example, would be Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon".

I have no problem with true fans wearing these t-shirts, but most people who I usually see wearing them don't even have a clue what most of Pink Floyd's songs are about. One of my friends tested this awhile ago by randomly walking up to one of these middle-schoolers and started a conversation with him. When my friend started asking him why he liked Dark Side of the Moon, the little poser got stumped. Only thing the kid could say was that he liked the song "Money" and he walked away.

I find it to be a type of abuse to wear a band's t-shirt just because you like one song out of their entire work. It would make sense if you were a Vanilla Ice fan, since he really only has one song. The likes of Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin fandom has been stretched so much that by saying that you like either one of them, you would get the same "duh" response as if you said you like food and air. Now, I agree that those two bands are some of the best songwriters in rock, ever. Yet, I do not wear their shirts all the time, or very often.

Some of you may ask "What bands do you like?" Well, personally I think AC/DC and Red Hot Chili Peppers are the two greatest hard rock bands of all time. Then again, for those people who know me, I don't wear their apparel very often. I could wear an AC/DC tee everyday, but I don't because so many other people do already. Yet, that isn't as bad though, because who doesn't like AC/DC?

So next time you see someone who is wearing a t-shirt/sweatshirt/hat of a classic rock band and they don't look like they actually care about the band, don't encourage them. Call him/her one of the most hurtful names for impressionable people like them; Tool, Conformist, or Poser. If he/she is a true fan, then those won't affect them.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Furries Are Among Us!

A friend first told me about furries a while ago. At first I thought he was joking, but he wasn't. As I researched "furries" more, I realized "Furry Fandom" was more mainstream than I thought, and it surprised me. So I decided to summarize " Furry" ways. The picture above can be found on Wikipedia under Furry Fandom.

DEFINITION: A "furry" is someone who likes to dress up as an animal or just has very strong fascination of animals that act, dress, and talk like humans.

APPEARANCES: A furry's appearance is vast and changing. A furry's most common appearance is that of feline and canine, but have been known to have the appearances of platyhelminthes and protists. The furry also has the ability to use camouflage to blend in to the surroundings of their birth(cities,town, etc.) as regular people.

HABITAT: The habitat of a furry is very similar to a Trekkie. They sometimes live in the home of their non-furry parents collecting/reading/watching everything that has talking animals. Where most people see furries is that of their secondary homes, the Convention Center. This is where the furry most often shows his/her true form.

LANGUAGE: Most furries understand the language of their countrymen, but also have their own language too. They usually speak "Furrienese" online. Here is a sample of an online chat.

xxMr.Whiskersxx-LOL MEOW! Going to MEOW expo MEOW tomorrow?

MyUtterLife360-MOOOOOONOOOO! Wish I could, MOO, but MOOOm needs me to help MOOOve some furniture..

So next time you see a guy running down the street in a monkey outfit, you will know what you just saw was a furry.....or a crazy guy, or a salesman with a gimmick. Either way, you know that you should just head back inside and call Animal Control and laugh about it with friends and family.

P.S.- Furries are NOT to be mistaken for their relatives "Furverts", who are more prone to be in the outfits for sexual reasons and may pose as a threat, unlike furries who are just like theme park animals(except they're aren't being payed) and can be safe to pet.

Friday, June 16, 2006

All Inside Jokes Suck, Except Mine...

One of the biggest problems I have with hanging out with friends in a different "group", in a lack of a better term, is when it comes to inside jokes. For those of you who don't have any friends, an inside joke is a joke that is only humorous to those involved, and leaves anyone else within sight and hearing distance with the temporary thought of "WTF?". Which explains why it is called an inside joke. This leads me to the realization that unlike my inside jokes, all others just plain suck.

An example of an inside joke would be this: You walk up to a friend and his friends to talk. Suddenly, without warning, one of them shouts "Potato!". This causes everyone to shriek with laughter and only leaves you confused and left out.

So, why exactly are the inside jokes I am involved in so much better than anyone else's? Plain and simple. Mine are actually funny and took deep thought to construct. An example of one of my inside jokes would be "Strawberry Milk". HAHA, Get it??? Well then, you have no sense of humor....

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Big Trucks=Overcompensation

This subject has been driving me nuts lately. Have you ever been out somewhere and seen the guy in the big truck who thinks to himself, "Wow, I am so awesome, because my truck is so huge and loud!", just as he accelerates his engine and speeds off so that everyone in that general area sees and hears him? Usually when I see these guys around, I think, "Wow, that truck is big, he must be compensating for his small size!" It is even more irritating when it is being driven my some guy who lives in the city and doesn't actually have a use for the back. It is called a pick-up truck for a good reason and you are wasting alot of fuel and space if you aren't hauling more than your ego!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

First Blog

Hi, I am Puuda Maggui. Some of you may know me as the weird guy that is always on Dr. Kuha's blog. Recently, I have decided to make my own blog during my free time. My "Guide" will be on anything that I think is relevant and/or needs to be known(very original I must admit). I should have my first official blog in the next couple of days.