Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Guide to Online Dissing

Here are just a few names you can call someone when you got on a forum or MMO. Some of them are best said aloud, such as on teamspeak or Xbox Live. Yet, others work best typed out. That way, it makes people think about what you wrote twice. Anyways, if you are tired of using the word "noob" or @ssh013, try these out. Just make sure you give credit where it's due when people ask about them. I will continously add more to this, just tell me some.

-Nub (still under-used)
-Nooblet (Young noobs)
- Noob Cake
-Noob sauce
-Noobasaurus Rex (Yes, i call people that sometimes)
-Nub Cake
-Nub Sauce
- Noobaroo
-Pwnanza (a great source of pwnage, aka the Carrot Top roast)
What to say when someone gets "owned"and want to be a little more clever:

-LOL, you just got Al Cap0wned!
-Man, this is a great party, or should I say PWNANZA!


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Explaination of Time Travel

Time- system of distinguishing events
Travel- go on journey

Time+Travel= Going on a journey through a system of distinguishing events. In simpler times, reversing/forwarding events to mess around with it and have fun.

When people think about time travel, most often they are wondering what it would be like back in a certain time period. The second most often thing that people think about, when they wish they could travel time is when they wish they could sleep with someone who has been dead in their time, such as Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, Cleopatra, a caveman/woman. The third most wished use for it is to undo stupidity, such as stocking up food supplies and building a bomb shelter in 1999.

How is Time Travel accomlished?

There are three main ways to travel through time and what happens when you do. Two of them use "Time Machines", and the other one is just plain stupid.

Time Machine- A mechanical device used to go on a journey through a system of distinguishing events.

The Three Main Types:

"Back To the Future" Technic

This form of time travel is the most basic way. You use your time traveling device, or vehicle, and head back to the future, or past. Yet, traveling through this way has a hidden fee attached. You have to be careful to not screw up time itself. You are not allowed to bring something back, leave something there, or even make love to your, then sexy, relatives.

So if you fall under any of these groups listed below, you are not recommended using this form:

-Antique Dealers
-Crazy People
-People of whorish tendencies
-People who take too many pictures on vacation
-People who have not seen the Back to the Future Trilogy in general

People who disobey the rules may cause utter (lol, utter) chaos and havoc, or wipe out an entire unknown-length set of history.

The "Bill and Ted" Technic

The B&T technic, out of the main three, is probably the most useful and least hazardous. You can jump into your disguised time machine and travel throughtout time and cause little or no time altering whoopsies (unless you kill someone and don't go back to stop yourself/or kill yourself in the process...). It is also handy for daily life too. One example would be, you wake up next to a hot chick and can't remember her name, so you say to yourself, "Hmm, I could just go back in time and leave a note under my pillow with her name on it!" Then you can just skip the whole trip yourself and look underneath the pillow.

Presto! The note with the name, Veronica in this case, is on it! This is explained easily, due to the fact that you were going to do it, but in the future, you already got up and did and left it under your pillow before you woke up. This way you just got out of another situation in life, easy. Except for the first you in the endless cycle of dimensions, because you know one of yourselves had to get walked out on by Veronica.

The "Butterfly Effect" Technic

The third technic is the stupid one I was explaining. You use your mind to travel through your own personal history and alter it. You really have anything cool to show off to your friends, because it's all inside your head. So you really don't need the power to do it, because you could be insane and say you just changed a moment in your life as you waste away your life in a insane asylum.