Thursday, July 27, 2006

Puuda Maggui: Amateur Ghost Capturer?

Interesting picture I took on the family farm a week ago. When I walked into the old hog house, I thought I sensed a presence, then thought it must have been my allergies of hard work and farmy-like matter. Yet, when this picture got developed, two seconds after I took it on my new digital camera, I saw what looked like a bald guy peeking out. I didn't see him when I took it, or in the picture I took the split second before, so that makes it a genuine ghost shot. Yet, it also could be one of the antique dealers snooping around for left-over goods...we shall never


Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Puuda Maggui's OFFICIAL MySpace!

Yea, I have finally decided to conform with the rest of the world and get a dreaded MySpace account. So if you have one and would like to add me as your friend, that would be totally o.k., sorta. My goal is by the end of this month to have more than that mysterious Force that drives MySpace and its inhabitants....TOM!!! So if you are a reader and added me, leave me a comment, because I am getting a lot more hits than I expected and want to see who reads this.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

First Hatemail

Due to the fact that it will be a few more days until I have free time to write my next piece, I will humor those who emailed me wanting me to write another angry article. This was my first hatemail that I got. Like my worst fear at the time, it was from a Furry about what I thought was pretty informative. I originally was going to be very forward about how I feel about Furries, but the night before I began writing, I had a nightmare that I was being chased by a guy in a fox costume.

So, I decided to be kinder and still show how I felt nicely. Yet, it didn't stop one person from sending me my..... FIRST HATEMAIL!

Dear Mr. "Maggui"

Recently I found your blog and found it intriguing and read several entries. Yet, today I read your newest entry about Furries and found it very negative. Being an active member of the Furry Fandom world, I would like to state that, for the whole community, we are upset with your stance on what we love. Even though it may seem that I am trying to persuade you to change yours, I'm not. I am just trying to change people's warped view of Furry Fandom.

So, until you have decided that giving your fans false information is wrong, I and all my Furry friends will not be visiting your site.

-Mary W.

Although she took the time to send me an email, I couldn't go through with replying. Furries truely scare me. But I will add, for Mary's information, that in my later articles my fandom for Star Wars is obvious. I also am also in the war against Trekkies (We will win too) who I am almost as less flattered with. My purpose of my "Furry" article was not to make fun of them (I really don't need to, they do themselves), only inform people what a "Furry" was.

P.S. I will gladly reply to any and all non-Furry hate/fan mail since my fan base is still pretty small.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

How to Tell If Your Movie Sucks

So you and your friends went with your year-long idea and made your own kung-fu-comedy-horror? Yet, if guys are afraid that people will think it will suck (and it will)? Then when you hear your first complaint, bring up most the worst movie of all time, Robo Vampire.

Don't really want to go into much detail, but this movie is only watchable if you like shitty movies that make you laugh.

Bad Action-Horror Movie Checklist

-RoboCop rip-off
-Bad acting
-Long boring slow-motion chase through a tunnel
-Hopping vampires
-Terrible male stunt-double for a female actress
-The worst fictional piece of technology ever

Saw this movie awhile back and thought it was a good movie. It made me feel better about my movie directing/producing/script writing/acting skills. To find out more about this movie try going to This guy did a good job figuring out the plot then I did when I watched it.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Definition of a Political Blog

A "Political Blog", in simplest terms, a blog about politics. Yet, there is a lot more to these blogs than one may think. After trying to find a worthy political blog to add to my links, I could not find one. So I will give my definition of a "Political Blog" to explain why I hate them.

When it comes to searching this blog genre, the lists are endless. Yet, what they all lack is variety and originality. When one is searching through these pages of so-called intelligent reading, they are usually looking for liberal sites, or they are looking for conservative sites. Yes, very basic knowledge to know the two sides.

Yet, one of the biggest things that makes me mad about these blogs that most are just liberal propaganda. These blogs are all the same due to the fact that all 50 posts are explaining how Bush is another Hitler and if you don't support their blog, you are a Nazi. This puzzles me due to the fact that they threaten you like Hitler himself did that. The other aspect of these blogs that is irritating is that 90% of them are written by college hippies who think they are smart because they are getting a degree in philosophy. A twenty-something is probably one of the last people I am going to go to for knowledge of what is "right" and "wrong".

I would much prefer someone who is at least in their 30s, but no older than 70 due to the fact that they are old and are from a couple "times" before the current era. Sure even though they are all repetitive and all the same, but that still doesn't stop people from reading them. People will read anything that fits their beliefs and ignore the rest. One kid is actually making money off a site that he made where people pay a monthly fee to bash Bush on it. Who the hell is going to go on their to disagree with them if they have to pay to do so?

Even though I could go on all day about the problems with the liberal blogs, I must go on with the other side so I will get equal amounts of hate mail from each side. My biggest problem with the conservative blogs, just like the liberal ones, is that they all speak of at least one of the three main subjects on all their blogs. These topics include abortion, gay marriage, and evolution. O.K., I agree on the whole abortion subject, "you have too much fun, you're getting a new son". Yet, even though most of America are Christians, that doesn't mean everyone is, or has the same form of Christianity.

Gay marriages don't HAVE to take place in a church, I know of many opposite-sex couples who just got married in a courtroom. Too bad if you are afraid of your kids seeing two men or two women holding hands, they see a lot worse on T.V. and on the internet. I'm personally mixed on the subject of gay marriage in church, but if they want to get married, they can and I won't get upset if they do in my church. Now, evolution is also a big problem I have with the conservative blogs. No one said evolution had anything to do with religion. Yet, if you do a search on of evolution or how fossils are made, you get sites that are explaining how man walked with dinosaurs sometime after Adam and Eve or the devil made fossils to mislead us.

So if you want to make a political blog and have it be original, here are a couple guidelines:
-NO ANTI-BUSH/KERRY/WHOEVER pictures! -Maybe make your opinion sound ambiguous
-Try to keep religion and the more "controversial" topics out -Use a lot of question marks

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Inauguration to One of the Greats

Many of you may be staring at the picture above saying,"What do these people have in common?" The answer is that Bon Scott, O.J. Simpson, Donald Rumsfeld, Courtney Love, Jimmy Smits, Franz Boas and Tai Shan, the giant panda born last summer in the National Zoo all were born on July 9th. As everyone knows, July 9th has had the most important people in the last millenium born on it. So I have decided to add another to-be great person, myself, to the Great Sky of July-Ninthians. Screw it, what I'm trying to say is that it is my birthday on the 9th and you should wish me one...

Little interesting fact some might like is that it took me 10 minutes to get the sky behind Rumsfeld to look decent.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Does Hogan Really"Know Best"?

Recently, I stayed up until almost dawn watching t.v. Half of that time was spent watching probably the best reality t.v show there is, "Hogan Knows Best". After about 3 1/2 episodes, I started to wonder, does Hogan really know what is best for us? So I have been dwelling on this.

To start this off, I would like to add that I know more about Hulk Hogan than I do on some other subjects, such as physics and astronomy. Besides the point that astronomy is as useful in the "real world" as knowledge of a pro-wrestler's personal life, it made me wonder more philosophically about pop culture. For example, did you know that instead of George Foreman making millions off the mini-grill with his name on it, it could of been Hogan? Yes, this could have been Hogan if he didn't have to take his kids to school that day and missed the phone call saying they wanted him for it. So instead, he got stuck with the Hulk Hogan Blender.

With that bit of pop culture trivia, I will now go back to the less interesting stuff. The information that won't help you on "Millionaire" or "Win Ben Stein's Money". That's right, the fact that more and more people are becoming book stupid. People need to read actual books; no not Harry Potter or Playboy(yes, I know you don't actually read them). Even supposed intelligent television is gone after the History Channel started airing 22 hour segments of U.F.O. "supposed" fact and Discovery stopped animal mating shows and put on shows about two guys proving the obviousness of people's stupidity with urban myths.

Some suggestions for intelligent reading would be: the Dictionary, Plato's The Republic, The Alphabet of Manliness, world history text books, science text books, The Zombie Survival Guide(it will happen sometime), and Puuda Maggui's Guide to Everything

(If you have an answer to my original question, let me know.)

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Abbrvs.R Gr8!

LOL! Y use comp. words when u can just rite abbrvs? I luv abbrvs cuz they make my life easier. Every1 should use them 4 the same reason. If ppl jus used abbrvs. we would have more time 2 watch t.v., or do sumthin else. OMG, ppl waste 2 much time riting stuf like GB, ttyl, etc. W/e, if ppl can't lern 2 b more time eff., than that is their prob.

Cya guys lata