Monday, November 27, 2006

Puuda's First YTMND!

Yes, it is true! After several months of not really doing anything on YTMND, except ROFLMFAO at most of the current loops, I have finally made my first one, and it's a pile of steaming CRAP! Check it out here

It's based off one of my original posts, which I think needed more publicity. I also recommend this loop here:

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Puuda Maggui is currently revising his work and updating his site for Blogger Beta so it will look kick @zz. He will finish it the day after Thanksgiving.

message from Puuda referring himself in the third-person.

Puuda Maggui
Puuda Maggui's Guide to Everything

UPDATE: It will take a little bit longer since I am trying to figure hopw to add my own label at the top. In the mean time, people can add my banner to their blogs, sites, and Myspaces. It is located at the bottom. Thanks for Rybitski for helping me out with that. : buy his stuff!