Monday, September 25, 2006

Exclusive Inside Look on Halo 3 with Puuda Maggui

With excitement of Halo 3 in development, many people are already wondering what will seperate the third installment from the other two. Hopefully it will be more than naming it Halo: Trinity, which has become a recent fad for second sequels in a series. So after many hours of researching this topic, I have made a list of what to expect in Halo 3.

1. Better graphics
2. Better multiplayer
3. Plot ending and/or twist to keep it open for when Bungie decides to go back
4. Even more customizations
5. Playable Flood

(Yes, those did take me hours to research)

Yet, probably the most defining change in Halo 3 will be
6. Tri-wielding

After all, what made Halo 2 such a big improvement? Sure the pretty graphics were nice, but what people really wanted was more death and destruction. With the possibility of three weapons at a time equals more fun. Sure they will have to add that into the plot somehow, such as a Flood bit Master Chief so he grew another limb...but hey, who wouldn't want another arm?

7. Master Chief will finally take off his we can see his face! Then people will be crushed that Master Chief is actually another butchy woman like Samus.

Wow, what would cheap people do without MS Paint? Anyways, an official source, my 12-year old Halo crazy cousin, is that Halo 3 comes out next summer, so stick with Halo 2 until then. I've beaten it 14 times now.

Additional facts: If you didn't get the joke in my Femmy Master Chief picture, then you are not a true fan of Halo.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Guns N' Roses: The Greatest Cover Band of All Time!

With word of my site currently the one of the most viewed pages online about mypace music contests, I will now talk about the greatest cover band in the WORLD. Yes, I am talking about the one and only, Guns N' Roses! Since 1985, GNR has made some of the best covers of songs to date. What makes their covers so popular is their own unique metal twist to the songs and Axl Rose's singing.

Some of the famous artists they have covered are AC/DC, Bob Dylan,Paul McCartney, and The Rolling Stones. Yet, GNR sometimes actually wrote their own music! It was a rare thing to happen, so whenever they did come up with their own songs and whether or not they were up to standards of that year, they still made it up in the top singles. Just look at their Greatest Hits album; just filled with covers:

Knocking' on Heaven's Door- COVER
Live and Let Die- COVER
Ain't It Fun- COVER
Since I Don't Have You- COVER
Sympathy for the Devil- original...oops I mean COVER
Don't Cry- an actual orginal but GNR COVERED it themselves in Use Your Illusions II after

being originally done in UYI: I that same year.

6 out of 14 songs were covers

I mean, if a band that can somehow get that kind of world status from singing someone else's songs, you automatically deserve greatest cover band in the world. Even if they aren't famous for originallity. Also, when people talk about them, they only need to consider three famous original songs: Welcome to the Jungle, Sweet Child of Mine, Paradise City. Unlike AC/DC and Led Zeppelin, who have way too many famous songs to count, three is an easy number to remember instead of an entire collection.

So if you ever get tired of listening to a somewhat famous song by the original artists, check out a Guns N' Roses album, most likely you will find it. Without further stalling of time, I award Guns N' Roses this trophy: