Thursday, March 01, 2007

Bragging Rights

Often when people do something incredibly awesome, they like to brag about it. Even more often, people like to brag about almost anything. So when is it ok to brag, do you ask? One moment it is ok to brag, is when you are still more popular than your neighbor, who is giving away money. Another good example of when it is ok to brag is when you have a higher rank than the most popular music magazine's very own blog.

n other news, check out Dr. Blogstein's new radio show every Tuesday night.

This has been a brief update by Puuda Maggui


Dr Kuha said...

Puuda, I wish you would teach me your ways. I am humbled and unworthy of posting in your comment section. But I do anyway, because I'm just that arrogant.

jbwritergirl said...

Yehaw. Brag away.

Leif said...

Holy Crap, Pudda! You really are famous! Now you're really in need of some grouppies (?spelling?). I really hope that when you travel this summer that you are able to put up more ads.